Become an Expert and obtain the Official Diploma by Kalcker Institute ®.
Become an Expert and obtain the Official Diploma by Kalcker Institute ®.
The work of Dr. h.c. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker was recognized or awarded by the following Universities and Institutions

La verdadera revolución sanitaria ha llegado

Ya disponible en Kalcker Institute ®
el Seminario Máster más esperado

Ya está abierta la matriculación en el Seminario Máster para personal sanitario, terapeutas e interesados en resolver dudas acerca de terapias oxidativas.

El seminario será mixto y online, impartido con videos, exámenes y sesiones en directo con Andreas Kalcker.

 Nuevo Seminario


Seminario sobre terapias oxidativas y dióxido de cloro como terapias revolucionarias en COVID-19 con el propósito de apoyar la investigación del dióxido de cloro en COVID-19 dentro del marco del artículo 37 de la declaración de Helsinki de la AMM.

The real Health Revolution has arrived and we would love for you to be part of it.

Expert in oxidative application in therapies and disinfection. The Master Seminar is designed for anyone interested in the broad spectrum of CDS application in therapies. It is recommended for medical personnel, therapists and others interested in the study of the latest and most effective treatments with oxidants, as well as their scientific and diverse therapeutic-technical in disinfection applications.

Seminario exclusivo para médicos sobre terapias oxidativas y dióxido de cloro como terapias revolucionarias en COVID-19 con el propósito de apoyar la investigación del dióxido de cloro en COVID-19 dentro del marco del artículo 37 de la declaración de Helsinki de la AMM.
Master Seminar
Expert in oxidative therapies
Become an Expert and obtain the Official Diploma by Kalcker Institute ®.

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Material in easy-to-understand and entertaining video formats


Innovative live lectures by Andreas Kalcker and his team

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We offer specialized courses in electromolecular medicine, combining scientific innovation with advanced oxidative therapies, emphasizing experience, quality, research and practice.


We offer training in electromolecular medicine, which allows professionals to acquire state-of-the-art techniques and updated scientific knowledge.

Master Classes

Our master’s seminar on oxidative therapies presents revolutionary techniques and knowledge based on years of research and practice.

The true healthcare revolution has arrived

and we would like you to be part of it.

Research groups

Form study and research teams with other students, guided and advised by professional experts in many fields throughout the process.

Applied sciences

Combined practical and theoretical learning, where electromolecular medicine concepts are translated into tangible techniques backed by current research.

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Unique and prestigious academic recognition upon completion of our courses, reflecting in-depth expertise in electromolecular medicine and innovative integrative therapies.


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from our students

Lacey Powell
Lacey Powell
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I enjoyed this class and learned more than I ever did in all my years of medical education or my 25 years in the field. It broke down my old ways of thinking and opened my eyes to why most things I had been taught never made sense, they were wrong. I now see the body in a whole new light and can't wait to help others with what Ive learned. Thank you so much Dr. Kalcker! You're a true hero!
Beth Cozens
Beth Cozens
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I am excited - I have just completed the Expert in Oxidative Therapies course. I've thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of learning cutting edge information that’s evidence based, rising to the challenge of further shifting my paradigms, and with the course being self paced, I had the time for my own research into concepts that were new to me. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in being part of the positive future for humanity.
Harry Marais
Harry Marais
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Amazing Course Thank you Dr Kalcker for making this incredible information available. From a dog that had a "Strike" (Spitting Cobra venom in the eye) to Diabetic wounds healing, to Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis in remission, I have witnessed CDS's phenomenal healing capability. You have improved so many people's quality of life. Thank you for a well presented course.
Jan Simpson
Jan Simpson
Read More
Captivating. Took me a while to get started, but once I did, it was like reading a good book. You just can't put it down. Kept my interest to the very end. Thank you and God Bless.
Clive Ketteridge
Clive Ketteridge
Read More
A refreshing way to learn. Dr. Kalcker delivers complicated information in a humorous and easy way to understand. I found every part of the journey interesting and I have seen CDS work in front of my own eyes. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to understand How? and Why? it works. Well done Sir!
Ayesha Amir
Ayesha Amir
Read More
Par Excellence. Dr Andreas Kalcker did an awesome job at presenting a dimension of healing that very few talk about. Every word was useful in guiding towards attaining true health. I am looking forward to a future healing frequency course :)..Dr Andreas is not only a great teacher but a great person with a beautiful soul. I have the greatest respect for him. His humility and sincerity is touching.
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About Dr. Andreas Kalcker

Andreas Ludwig Kalcker is an eminent researcher in biophysics of German origin, who has spent most of his life in Spain, but has been living in Switzerland for some time. Throughout his career he has worked on various aspects of biophysics, with special interest in the therapeutic application of frequencies. For several years he collaborated closely with the University of Bern, and more specifically with the Inselspital, strengthening his knowledge and contributing to the scientific development in this field. However, it was in 2007 that his interests changed significantly. 


Attracted by the potential properties of chlorine dioxide (ClO₂) in the medical field, Kalcker meticulously studied the complex mechanisms underlying its efficacy. This curiosity was not purely academic, but was born after he successfully treated his own arthritis with the substance. Since then, he has continued to discover, understand and share his knowledge in this field, establishing himself as a leading figure in the study of ClO₂ and its therapeutic applications.

The work of Dr. h.c. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker was recognized or awarded by the following Universities and Institutions


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